Appeals Court Overturns Samsung’s Nexus Smartphone Ban

Appeals Court Overturns Samsung’s Nexus Smartphone Ban

Giving a setback to Apple, an American appeals court has taken off the ban from Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The court alleged that the district court in California has taken the wrong decision by banning the smartphone.

Apple seems to be unhappy about the decision, and that might be the reason the decision of appeals court will be reassessed in the Californian court. It seems that Apple has targeted a lot many other companies, as it has been found that it has also targeted Google.

They have targeted Google, as it is the Android maker and its software is being supplied to Samsung for many of its gadgets. It was in August that Apple won the war against Samsung, as it was being proved that Samsung has copied many important features of Apple gadgets like iPhone and iPad. Not only the court banned Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, but it also banned $1.05 billion in damages.

However, tables turned in a recent ruling in which the appeals court overturned the ban. Experts were of the view that they do not think the new ruling will have an effect on gadgets of both the companies. Even, the smartphone is unlikely to get affected from the same.