Tasmanian Premier Apologizes to Thousands for Past Forced Adoptions

Tasmanian Premier Apologizes to Thousands for Past Forced Adoptions

The Tasmanian Government's adoption policies, forced in the past, have affected tens of thousands of people in the island state. A recent report found that political leaders have now owed an apology to all of them for their sufferings.

Premier Lara Giddings was even in tears while the apology was being tendered at the Parliament House in Hobart. Hundreds of people had gathered there and the leaders bowed down in front of all of them.

The report finds that a massive number of children were not allowed to be grown up with care and love of their parents. All of them have however now become adults and the leaders also apologized to all of them.

It was clearly said by Ms. Giddings while making an emotional speech that they are sorry for the pain caused. Especially, she said, the mothers have suffered a lot and were forced to sacrifice their babies. So, they deeply regret the same.

"To you, the mothers who have suffered so much, we acknowledge your anger and your grief and your deep, deep loss and we are sorry", sources have quoted the Premier as saying. She even accepted that the past policies were wrong, rather illegal completely.