Microsoft products suffer ‘scaling back’ blows from recent layoffs


With Microsoft recently announcing its plans to lay-off 3,000 employees, over and above the 1,400 laid-off in January, some of the products are in for suffering 'scaling back' blows of the decision.

The products that have been affected include the software maker's ResponsePoint phone system; its .Net Micro Framework; and its MSN Direct Service. In addition, two of Microsoft-produced magazines for developers have also been affected, but the details about these are not yet available.

Clarifying that the recent job-cuts affected 28 percent of its full-time employees, Microsoft rebuffed the allegedly 'overstated' figures that pointed at three-quarters of the staff being laid-off.

The company also confirmed that 'deep cuts' had been made at Massive, the in-game advertising unit that Microsoft has acquired. Moreover, as a part of its cost-cutting measures, Microsoft is also slashing its expenditure on travel, vendors, and contractors; as well as canceling its once-a-year picnic.

Of the affected products that will reportedly be scaled back, Microsoft will continue to sell and support the first version of the small businesses-specific ResponsePoint, and the traffic and like services-specific MSN Direct. However, in the case of the .Net Micro Framework, the company intends making the project a community source effort, thereby eliminating royalties from the distribution of the product.