Shake Hands, It Might Get You a Deal, Say Researchers

Shake Hands, It Might Get You a Deal, Say Researchers

"Many of our social interactions may go wrong for some reason, and a simple handshake preceding them can give us a boost and attenuate the negative impact of possible misunderstandings", Dr. Sanda Dolcos was quoted as affirming after a latest research.

The University of Illinois researchers in the US have been claiming that even though it sounds to be an old belief; it is true that a firm hand shake is helpful in fixing a deal. Also, it is equally a fact that gestures play a big role in casting positive impressions.

Nearly 18 people were enrolled for the analysis. The team after scanning their brains found that observation of handshakes in footage made their important brain areas respond to the same. The participants were shown footage of businessmen first time meeting.

The report says that the gesture was successful in overcoming bad impressions and replaces these with positive impacts. It has been told that the nucleus accumbens was also acting better when handshakes were there in meetings. Nucleus accumbens is that brain area, which is sensitive to rewards, the team avows.

On the other hand, the meetings without handshakes were having a negative impact on social evaluation. The team adds that the study clearly shows what importance handshakes have in a business setting.