Funny Joke Saves Man’s Life

Funny Joke Saves Man’s Life

After taking a pregnancy test and getting a positive result, it was not more than a joke for this man. But who knew this joke would save his life.

The man came across an unused pregnancy test at his home, which must have been left by his ex-girlfriend. As a joke, he decided to check his pregnancy using the strip. It was funny as well as he was surprised to get a positive result.

Humorously, he posted a web comic on Reddit, which described his strange and funny experience. The comic was able to draw the attention of nearly hundreds of thousands; as many as 1,000 comments were reported.

However, there were a few users who took the matter seriously and recommended the man to consult a doctor.

One of the readers commented: “If this is true story, go see a doctor. Pregnancy test detects increased HcG level. In male around age of 30s, increased level of HcG could indicate Embryonal Carcinoma or choriocarcinoma”.

While another one emphasized that the man should get his check-up done regarding testicular cancer. Experts suggest that in case a woman is pregnant, it determines the presence of beta human chorionic gonadotropin hormone due to growing placenta. However, in other cases it indicates testicular cancer. The man was diagnosed with a small testicular tumor.