Critical Allegations on Google

Critical Allegations on Google

The Federal Trade Commission has posed critical allegations on Google that the firm is unfairly pulling up its own services on its search engine over those of the other firm in competition with it.

The allegations followed an 18-monyh investigation by FTC. The commission is planning to take some legal action against the software giant that can pull it to court. It can also ask Google to shut down or sell some parts of its business forcefully.

Saying that Google has great control over search outputs, Albert Foer, an attorney and president of the American Antitrust Institute expressed the complexity of legal and technical issue involved in the case.

However, Google have denied the allegations. But the five-member FTC is planning the proceedings in the case and is ready to file a court case against it. It is also looking into the Motorola Division of Google to see if it is abiding by the legal obligations.

"We don't make changes to our algorithms to hurt competitors. We know that if we don't give users the best results, people can and will switch to another search engine", said the Google Senior Vice President, Amit Singhal defending his side.

Google was also reported to be involved in similar issues earlier with European antitrust authorities.