World’s Biggest Alcohol reduction Project

World’s Biggest Alcohol reduction Project

An ambitious plan, considered to be the largest till date, is said to be most rigorous one when it comes to reducing alcohol consumption in Australia. The project was launched by Kevin Humphries, Minister for Mental Health Minister for Healthy Lifestyles.

The project has been launched after the research of five years and has received funding of $2.4 million from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE). Main aim of the research is to bring a decline in alcohol consumption.

Humphries said the project research has made them believe that community based approach to reduce alcohol consumption works. He said they will make sure that they are able to pass this message through this project.

Efforts to reduce alcohol consumption will strengthen if community understands the message. "This world-leading research, conducted here in New South Wales, makes it clear that co-ordinated community action does make a difference", said he.

One thing that has to be put in the minds of people is that excessive alcohol has negative relation with not only physical but as well as with mental health. It will be better for people if they are able to understand the message as soon as possible.