Medical Students Less Interested in General Medicine

Medical Students Less Interested in General Medicine

The US has realized a dramatic fall in the number of primary care physicians, as per a report published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is being suspected where trainee medical practitioners are going if they are not entering in primary care.

Dr. Colin West and colleagues have found after a survey of a total of 17,000 third-year residents that merely one in five has been heading towards internal medicine. It is being said that amongst them also, women more prefer to choose the same as their career as compared to men.

Also, the team finds that graduates from international medical schools are less interested in general medicine. And more of Americans are moving to that field. West says that the development is indeed concerning as fledgling physicians are avoiding primary care.

He says that the continuation of the trend would end up in unfair treatment of the population in primary-care doctors by some 50,000 physicians.

"The concern we have is that as the baby boomers get older and demand increases, it is going to become progressively more difficult for these patients to find physicians", West from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota was quoted as affirming. He practices internal medicine.