Minnesota judge rules cancer treatment of 13-yr-old Daniel be resumed

Daniel Hauser

Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg ruled Friday that medical treatment of the 13-year-old Minnesota boy, Daniel Hauser - who is suffering from cancer - must be resumed for saving his life, before it becomes too late.

Blaming Daniel's parents - Colleen and Anthony Hauser - for "medical neglect" of the boy, the Judge ordered Daniel's chest X-ray by next Tuesday. He also asked the lawyers as well as the family come back to his courtroom that day, updating him about the boy's condition.

In his judgment, Rodenberg said that though Daniel's parents - who belong to a religious group that has strong belief in using only natural healing techniques practiced by some American Indians - love him and had acted in "good faith;" Daniel's 'optimistic' prognosis testified by doctors last week necessitate chemotherapy and possible radiation, in the boy's best interest.

The Judge wrote: "The state has successfully shown by clear and convincing evidence that continued chemotherapy is medically necessary," and added that he would not order chemotherapy in case the cancer has advanced to a "too late" stage. However, if chemotherapy is ordered but refused by the family, the Judge would place Daniel in temporary custody.

Meanwhile, Calvin Johnson, the Hauser family attorney, said the family is considering an appeal against the judgment. For the present, Daniel is following the order and will have X-rays.