CES Witnesses New Smartwatch

CES Witnesses New Smartwatch

A recent news piece talked about "smartwatches", which are multifunctional and have gone beyond the traditional use of tracking time. It's more like what used to be worn by comic strip police detective Dick Tracy in the 1940s.

With some really interesting devices being shown this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, there are rumors mills working that Apple may try to step into this field in this year.

Though "Smart" watches which talk to cellphones are not something new in the market, but they have witnessed stiff issues with their high battery drain. However, at this week's CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas, a new smart watch in the name of `the Cookoo' caught the attention, which apparently promises to run for a year on a standard button cell. The mystery behind the same is that it administers a new, low-energy flavor of Bluetooth, known as 4.0.

The watch face has year on a standard button cell, while it has analog hands to show the time. It has been supported by beeps and a vibration motor, which nudges one if they have a missed call or someone is calling them. It can also notify in case user has received any mail.