AMD Alleges Four Former Employees of Document Theft

AMD Alleges Four Former Employees of Document Theft

AMD has recently named four of its former employees claiming that they have stolen its confidential files before they jumped ship to NVIDIA. The files were more than 100,000 in number, the company told.

It is being exclaimed as an extraordinary case of strategic employee solicitation and trade secret transfer. Amongst the accused are Manoo Desai, Robert Feldstein, Nicholas Kociuk and Richard Hagen. It has been found that they all have left the chip company within the past year only and are now employed at NVIDIA.

AMD is of the opinion that they have leaked trade secrets on advanced gaming projects. He has informed that Feldstein and Hagen had helped the firm in recruiting Desai. Feldstein is instrumental to console endeavours of AMD such as the work that secured Xbox "720" and PlayStation 4. Desai also helped in employing Kociuk and probably many other employees.

Now, AMD has filed a legal case against the accused execs so as to get injunctive relief. The company has alleged all of clearing evidence as well that they raided its document database for luring their ex-colleagues to NVIDIA.

"The names of identified and transferred files match identically to the names of files on their AMD systems including obviously confidential, proprietary, or trade secret materials relating to developing technology", complained AMD.