Scots Scientists Make Stem Cell Breakthrough

Scots Scientists Make Stem Cell Breakthrough

If scientists' recent discovery is to be believed, time is not far when the medical industry will be having treatments for almost all dangerous diseases. Yes, this is what is being believed by our experts after they claim to have found out the details of the germ that can create the stem cells in the body.

Above confirmations are coming from a team of scientists in Scotland, which recently announced about this breakthrough in their statements for the treatment of all dangerous diseases. The Edinburgh University team explained that they have succeeded in discovering the bacteria that causes leprosy and is efficient enough to convert cells of the nerve system into somewhat like stem cells.

According to researchers, life of every human depends upon these cells and they are hoping to have found the key to finding cures for several deadly conditions like motor neurone disease, spinal cord injuries, etc, which are currently irreversible.

Scientists are planning to use the recently found leprosy bacteria for the purpose of growing stem cells, which they expect to turn into any other type of cells that are needed by the body. If they succeed, the new cells could be transplanted into patients to repair damages.