Treaty Signed After Four Years for Mercury Emission Limits

Treaty Signed After Four Years for Mercury Emission Limits

A treaty that was signed included 140 nations. This treaty has been preceded with four years of negotiations. They have discussed the methodology of setting up limits on excessively toxic metal.

After negotiations that occurred in Geneva among U. N. environmental officials and diplomats, new recommendations for the limits were made. Fernando Lugris, the Uruguayan diplomat who chaired the negotiations said that they have finally written the last lines of the book, which they started many years ago.

UNEP executive director Achim Steiner has said that to meet the international targets are very difficult in its first place. He said that there was no delegation who wished to leave this place without drafting the treaty.

This treaty would be setting up limits on the amount of emissions that would be allowed. Joe DiGangi, a science adviser with advocacy group IPEN, said that the treaty is strong enough to stop emissions of this toxic metal, mercury.

Proponents of the treaty have said that it will be effective in controlling the emissions. Swiss environmental ambassador Franz Perrez said the treaty would help both humans and nature. They have been calling it as a big step towards making environment safe.