Plastic Surgery Market Growing Dramatically

Plastic Surgery Market Growing Dramatically

A survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons recently has revealed that plastic surgeries are mostly received per head of population by women in Korea.

It has been informed that one in every five women of ages 19-49 years, who live in cities, has undergone the operation. Some 13 per 1,000 people cosmetic surgery operations were carried out in the year 2011, which means one in every 77 people received the same.

Following the same, the United States was the one with the highest number of operations. Some 3.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures were done in the previous year alone in the nation.

Market report has revealed that the demand for plastic surgery operations is on continuous rise around the globe. Coming back to Korea, the most common procedure received by women was found to be double-eyelid surgery. This kind of plastic surgery helps in making eyes bigger as well as wider. The operation involves cutting the upper lid.

It has further been found that anti-aging techniques such as Botox, lasers and fillers have also boomed the market for plastic surgery, bringing it 10% up from 2011. This year, the global market is expected to touch some 5.2 billion, up from 5.2 billion noted in 2012.