Yahoo! Decides Not to Allow Work from Home

Yahoo! Decides Not to Allow Work from Home

Jackie Reses had sent a leaked memo last Friday and the same shocked one and all with the announcement that the employees of Yahoo would in future be not able to work from home.

Reses is the executive vice president of People and Development for Yahoo Inc. She had been appointed by Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer last fall. She announced that any employee with working from home would from now on be required to come to the office daily.

She added that other employees also, when think to stay back at home for the cable guy, they must give it a second thought. It has been found that some hundreds of total 11,500 employees of Yahoo work remotely. However, one or two days of work from home a week is allowed to an untold number of employees.

The report says that the move being taken by Yahoo is too bad. Since, it is likely undoing the benefits that are associated when employees are given the freedom that they could work from home when needed.

"What's really troubling about this is that a technology company can't figure out how to collaborate remotely. This decision runs counter to worldwide trends toward more remote work", said president of the Telework Research Center, Kate Lister.