Stretchable Batteries Now No Reveries

Stretchable Batteries Now No Reveries

Batteries often create problems when these are to be used in flexible and stretchable electronics. Since, batteries' dimensions could not be extended easily or if these are stretched, these tend to lose power maintenance.

The report has uncovered that a team of researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has now developed stretchable batteries. For the same, a new concept had been tried by the researchers.

The study has been published in Nature Communications. It has revealed that the new batteries have been dotted with small "islands". The aim of the islands is to store energy on a stretchy polymer. Flexible electronic devices are, therefore, being hoped to increase in number now.

It has been found that the batteries could be recharged wirelessly. "Serpentine" connections were used, which indicates wires were persistently looped back on themselves in S shapes. The team said that without a doubt, the loops straightened, but these did maintain power successfully.

The new batteries hold the potential to be stretched some three times their original size, the report says. Prof Rogers explicated, "The most important applications will be those that involve devices integrated with the outside of the body, on the skin, for health, wellness and performance monitoring".