Google Map of Human Metabolism to Cure Lethal Diseases

Google Map of Human Metabolism to Cure Lethal Diseases

International team of bioengineers has produced a "Google Map" that represents the model of human metabolism. The Google map is the most virtual form of the cellular chemical transformation ever produced by the bioengineers.

According to University of California, San Diego the model is named Recon 2 and will be very useful in finding the causes for cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, the treatments for these lethal diseases are likely to be developed using the metabolism map.

Bernhard Palsson, a bioengineering professor the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, "Recon 2 allows biomedical researchers to study the human metabolic network with more precision than was ever previously possible. This is essential to understanding where and how specific metabolic pathways go off track to create disease".

Moreover, he said that the metabolism map is very similar to Google Maps as Recon 2 is well capable of combining complex details into one simple and interactive map.

Scientists are looking forward to how can they have the metabolism map to set different stages of cancerous tumors in one map with detailed and clear images displaying metabolic reactions and patterns. This would enable to establish a relationship among pathways and different sectors of metabolism, said the university.