Women Who Gave Birth to a Child Face Higher OCD Risks

Women Who Gave Birth to a Child Face Higher OCD Risks

A study suggested that many women after giving birth to the children may be suffering from a Post-natal OCD.

An estimated 11% of women have been tracked with the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder as compared to 2% to 3% of the general population. The rate of the incidence of the disease is equivalent to the rate of post-natal depression. The study suggested that it affects every one in 10 mothers.

There is a suspicion of two sided feature of the condition. The symptoms are targeted on the baby only that includes fears about accidental injury and dirt or germs.

In half of the cases, the behavior gets improved after about six months. However, this is not the case in some women. The symptoms in these women start appearing only after the delivery. The threats to women's health remain up till a year of giving birth to the child.

Dr Dana Gossett, from Northwestern University in Illinois stated that a certain kind of fixation is adaptive and corrective for the new parents. These include the prospective of health that includes cleanliness and hygiene. Sources suggested that OCD is a mental state that features obsessive and frightening thoughts. It urges their dispersal that further results in various actions.