Regular Exercise in Pregnancy Reduces Probability of Cesarean : Study

Regular Exercise in Pregnancy Reduces Probability of Cesarean : Study

A study has unveiled that regular exercise during pregnancy can reduce the probability of cesarean and instrumental deliveries in healthy pregnant women.

Spanish researchers at the Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport (INEF) of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid came up with a pattern of physical exercise that suits pregnant women.

The researchers divided the participants into two groups. One group exercised regularly in the presence of an expert and another group did not exercise at all.

In the prenatal stage of 10-12 weeks of gestation, pregnant women started with the program and continued till 38-39 weeks of pregnancy. The program included three sessions of exercise and each session consisted of 50-55 minutes.

It not only focused on delivery but also considered the amount of weight the mother had gained, blood pressure, gestational age at delivery etc. For the baby, they considered its birth weight and health status.

It was seen that active gestation period followed by regular exercise made delivery healthy and free from surgery. The reasons for existent rates of C-section have been attributed to inappropriate lifestyle, less focus on health, and great bipedalism.

This study concluded with a finding that said that all those women who were observed during the program showed that the probability of cesarean rates reduced for those who exercised daily.