Phone Unlocking Rights May Be Given to Customers after Contract Expiry

Phone Unlocking Rights May Be Given to Customers after Contract Expiry

Federal Regulations released in January deal with the copyright issue of cell phones use. According to these set of rules, Americans do not have right to unlock their phones without permission of their service providers.

These regulations were established by the Library of Congress earlier this year. Most of the consumers in the US purchase their mobile phones from wireless carriers at discounted rates and sign a long term contract with them in exchange.

However, recently consumers made complaints over price charged to them for the calls. And they couldn't opt for a new service provider in lieu of the contract. Subsequently, a large number of internet users requested the White House about easing the ban.

It emerged that some 114,000 people signed and online petition demanding transfer of unlocking right to consumers after completion of the contract. It was learnt that Obama administration is now deciding over same and it appears as if it will be supporting the demand of consumers.

"I agree with the administration that consumers should have the flexibility to use their devices on any network they choose, provided they comply with the terms of service", said Sen. Patrick Leahy, the senior United States Senator from Vermont, in a written statement.