Roku 3 Launched

Roku 3 Launched

Roku 3 has been launched and with this comes the talk of its features. Looking at the response it can be seen that with the addition of various features, Roku can be called as one of the best in the market.

It is much sleeker and smaller. It aspires to be the best streamer present. One of the features of the device is that it allows availability of online media from relaxed living rooms.

Another aspect is that Roku 3 internet videos and audio files are streamed through televisions. If the content is looked upon, the Roku 3 allows subscription-based services as well as services that are available through the receiver without spending a penny.

Other feature of Roku is a jack. On the other side of it, headphones can be plugged in. The sound can be muted and thus, it can work without disturbing others.

Another striking feature is that Roku 3 remote does not use infrared signal to control the device. This means that the users will not have to point at the device to control it.

Roku3 has been a success even against its rivals, smart TVs, internet-connected Blu-ray players, and Apple TV. In 2008, company sold 5 million units of its products.

The device is now available at the stores.