Alcohol Consumption among Women on Rise, Says Study

Alcohol Consumption among Women on Rise, Says Study

According to experts, alcohol consumption among women has sought a rise compared to their male peers. A group of researchers discussed the rising problem of alcohol consumption among women in Toronto on Friday.

They said the booze has become a new tobacco. The alcohol companies have adopted a strategy to target women the same way cigarette manufacturers did during 1960s. Moreover, they said, alcohol companies are now making continuous efforts to present alcohol as "diet" or "natural" to health-conscious women.

Besides, alcohol companies are targeting young people not older than 21 years, who have attributed to increasing rates of alcohol related illnesses, said the researchers.

"Over and over again, young people are being exposed to more alcohol advertising than adults. This is an opportunity ... an area of growth for the industry", said David Jernigan, director of the U. S.-based Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth.

According to the reports of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, government has to regulate alcohol laws related to alcohol sales and advertising. The guidelines of Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse suggest women should not consume more than 15 drinks a week and 2 drinks a day. Whereas, men should not exceed the limit of 15 drinks a week and 3 drinks a day.