Authors Not Happy by Amazon’s Domain Plans

Authors Not Happy by Amazon’s Domain Plans

The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers have expressed their unhappiness over Amazon's request to have new web addresses suffixes like .book and .read. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will sell the new top level domains.

Now, domains including .app, .home and .art will be sold along with web address suffixes such as .com and .co. uk.

The novelist and president of the Authors Guild, Scott Turow, wrote to ICANN, "We strongly object to ICANN's plans to sell the exclusive top-level domain rights for generic book-industry terms, such as .book, .author, and .read".

Scott also said in the letter that providing such generic domains to private bodies is absolutely anti competitive. The Association of American Publishers has also objected Amazon's plans to claim the .book suffix.

Stacey King, the online retailer's senior corporate counsel said that the ownerships of top level domains will not cause any problem to the market. Also, she said why a company cannot own ".widget" instead of "widget. com".

Applications for new domains were invited last year. Each application worth $185,000 and Amazon has reportedly spent more than $10 million on all of its applications. ICANN will consider the recommendations before selling the domain to anyone. In case of not reaching an agreement between parties, auctioning will be the last resort.