Committee Hears Case Involving Ignorance To Suicidal Veterans

Committee Hears Case Involving Ignorance To Suicidal Veterans

A leading epidemiologist accused the Department of Veterans Affairs for ignoring the assistance of suicidal veterans. The department is the in charge of the care of millions of the people who served the nation. The department was accused of neglecting those veterans who took part in the longitudinal studies.

These veterans were considered to be those who never released important research data on the exposure of Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to toxins, inhalational hazards and burn pits.

A former principal investigator at the VA's Office of Public Health, Steven S. Coughlin, tabled his charges before committee that the supervisors had threatened him of terminating from the research. He told the mental health providers to ask the suicidal veterans for instances.

He reported that he had requested the committee to direct VA for urgently identifying the procedures for ensuring the fact that veterans who were a part of VA large-scale epidemiologic studies are receiving the deserved care and respect so that the mishaps do not get repeated in future.

The urge was heard by the panel of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. The committee is concentrating broadly towards the care provided for Gulf War veterans.

Around 200,000 Gulf War veterans are reported to be suffering from chronic multi-symptom conditions that are characterized by headaches, fatigue, widespread pain, gastrointestinal problems and cognitive difficulties.