Tesla’s 345 electric roadsters recalled due to ‘suspension’ defect

Tesla’s 345 electric roadsters recalled due to ‘suspension’ defect

Underlining the hiccups associated with the switch-over to the EV technology, the $109,000 version of electric Roadster manufactured by Tesla Motors have been recalled, due to contract manufacturer Lotus' 'suspension' lapse pertaining to improper installation of bolts.

Even though no accidents have thus far been reported because of the suspension defect, the recall announcement by the Silicon Valley firm covers all 345 of the luxury automobile manufactured before April 22.

Going by AutoblogGreen report, the problematic bolts fasten the rear hub of the Roadster to the suspension flange, and have probably not been torqued while assembling as they should be, thereby leading to an incidence wherein the rear wheels become loose.

Tesla said that a complaint of "uncharacteristic handling," by a Roadster owner brought to light the inherent defect in the vehicle. An investigative analysis led the company to the root cause of the problem, forcing it to go in for a recall of the vehicle. In fact, Lotus' recent recall of its Elise and Exige vehicles also stems from a similar defect.

For the convenience of existing Roadster owners, Tesla intends sending over technicians to inspect the vehicles and, if need be, take them to a repair facility. The company said that it would not charge the customers for the repair of the aforementioned defect in the vehicle.