Dementia Can Occur in Young Age as Well

Dementia Can Occur in Young Age as Well

In general, dementia is considered as elderly disease. This is the reason that young and middle-aged people do not associate themselves with neurodegenerative disease.

Similar thing happened with Kate Swaffer who got diagnosed with dementia at the age of 54. Swaffer shared that she was unable to believe doctor who told her that she was suffering from dementia. It took a lot of time for her to seep in the fact that she was down with dementia.

She still remembers that she used to cry a lot. A report taken out by the Alzheimer's Australia national summit also shows that it gets very difficult for considerably young people to accept the news of dementia.

There are a number of difficulties which they have to face, some being misdiagnosis, social challenges, suspension from job and lack of services to cure the problem.

Swaffer, who has also worked in dementia area, could not know the fact that dementia can take place at her age as well. The condition made Swaffer to lose job and her son could also not believe her mother that she was living with dementia.

In order to help people, Alzheimer's Australia has been seeking $200 million for next five years so that research into dementia can be done.