Remains of Human, Neanderthal Hybrid Found in Italy

Remains of Human, Neanderthal Hybrid Found in Italy

The skeletal remains of a human/Neanderthal hybrid are believed to be found in northern Italy. It is being considered that the individual lived 40,000-30,000 years ago.

However, further researches are being conducted on the remains for confirmation that will result in making the skeletal to be the first hybrid ones that proves interbred between humans and Neanderthals.

The current study is concentrating on Jaws of the individual for determining the truth behind its existence.

The individual was found at a rock-shelter called Riparo di Mezzena in the Monti Lessini region of Italy. However, the fact that both Humans and Neanderthals were the inhabitants of Europe at that time is known to the world.

An anthropologist and CNRS research director at the University of Ai-Marseille, who is also the  Co-author of the study, Silvana Condemi, said that the jaws of the individual suggests that its face might have looked somewhere between classic Neanderthals and the modern humans.

Neanderthal had receding lower jaw (no chin) while humans have a fully developed chin. The researcher and her colleagues examined the remains of the individual via DNA analysis and 3D imaging and made a comparison with the same features from Homo sapiens.

The analysis suggested that the mitochondrial DNA of the individual is Neanderthal and as the DNA is transferred from mother to child, it concludes that a female Neanderthal must had mated with male Human.