Obesity Makes a Person to Exercise Less, Says Study

Obesity Makes a Person to Exercise Less, Says Study

It would be nothing new to hear that researchers have studied the relation between physical activity and obesity. But, Larry Tucker, BYU exercise science professor, is certainly someone, who has for the first time ever focused on the reverse of the equation.

Yes! He has studied if there was an effect of obesity on physical activity - if the condition led to less activity by people. As assumed for years, the study revealed that obesity caused reduction in physical activity with the passage of time. And the study is the first of its kind.

An accelerometer was attached by the researchers to over 250 partakers so that the other side of the equation could be studied. It has been told that accelerometers have the potential to measure intensity of activity as well as actual movement.

Tucker told that nearly 35% of the population affirms that they remain active on a regular basis. But the figures actually are less.

"When you actually put an accelerometer on adults and follow them for many days, only about 5 to 7 percent are actually regularly active", Tucker was cited as affirming.

According to him, half of the cycle, i. e. the relation between obesity and physical exercise, has been reviewed without limit. The study is being said to be logical and not rocket science.