Video Shows Depth of Sinkhole

Video Shows Depth of Sinkhole

Sinkholes have become far common in Florida and a recent one had been scary as well as it engulfed a man, who was slumbering on February 28 in his home.

Thirtyseven-year-old Jeff Bush was swallowed by the snake hole all of a sudden and a number of people were evacuated so as to prevent any such danger. Now, the focus is on what the sinkhole looked like.

The local county video has lately released a video, which as per the report, reveals the sinkhole's depth. According to it, the swallow hole was some 60-foot-deep. A camera that was tied to a pole's end captured the same.

The pole was stuck through the bedroom window of Bush. It is being said that despite many efforts, the deceased man's body could never be recovered.

Jeff's brother affirmed that he understood by the video why the victim's body was not recovered. Initially, a public records request made it possible for sources to obtain the video. It has been found that 1:35 seconds of raw footage was released from the camera.

"It'll help people understand what was going on and what the county saw that everybody else couldn't see", affirmed Jeremy. It was bizarre to found that Jeremy had jumped into the sinkhole initially so that he could save his brother.