Autism Awareness Walk Organized in US

Autism Awareness Walk Organized in US

A one-mile Autism Awareness Walk was organized on the April 2 which is marked as Autism Awareness Day and the month of April as National Autism Awareness Month in US. The service members and families came together to mark this occasion and lend helping hand in awareness of autism.

This one-mile walk took place around such a field which was decorated with brightly colored balloons, which depicted the sign of colorful autism awareness ribbons.

Dena Radcliffe, the event coordinator whose three out of four children are suffering with autism, said, "I'm really impressed with how many families had the courage to come out. They should be applauded for their courage because of the challenges their kids have with the change from their normal routine. It's a powerful message for them to convey".

Before the beginning of the awareness walk, Dena addressed the participants and also shared her emotional story comprising her family and autism. The participants were given colored signs with a slogan over it saying `1 in 88'. This slogan was given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who estimated that every one out of 88 kids in the US are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.