Hacking Jetliner on Android Phone Possible

Hacking Jetliner on Android Phone Possible

It will be shocking for you to know that an application has been developed, which can hack a jetliner. The revelation was made through in a conference titled as the Hack in the Box conference, which took place in Amsterdam.

Security consultant Hugo Teso explained about the application named as PlaneSploit. Teso said that it is such an application that can take control of jetliner's control system. After taking control of certain systems, it can either turn the direction of aero plane or even destroy the same.

After reading the above, there are chances that a number of you might think that Teso is a hacker. Therefore, it gets important to inform that he is not a hacker, but has been trying to reveal the loopholes in the security systems.

He has been trying to reveal the frightening security systems present in majority of the jet liners. "The complete attack will be accomplished remotely, without needing physical access to the target aircraft at any time", said Teso.

He continued by affirming that the application is such that it provides control of the system present in airplane to hacker and can exploit the system through Android. It is vital to come up with ways so that such application gets ineffective.