Scottish Kinship Care Alliance Launched for Children’s Carers

Scottish Kinship Care Alliance Launched for Children’s Carers

Glasgow city today saw the launch of a campaign dubbed Scottish Kinship Care Alliance which will help the carers of children in improving their efforts towards child care.

The campaign is aimed at improving the support for the carers of children who are being cared for by their grandparents or family friends. Launch of the campaign was held in presence of the politicians and other celebrities of Scotland on the day.

A study confirmed that about 33% of the children are being care for by their relatives since their parents are unable to afford their basic necessities. It further asserted that only 31% of the families were able to give their children al the eight basic needs including heat and clothing.

It emerged that raising a child in kinship helped the taxpayer to save up to £56,000 annually. The campaign launch event was attended by the politicians including Labour MSPs Jackie Baillie and Neil Bibby, former Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan and SNP MSP Nigel Don.

"We are sick of seeing the children in our care suffer. We have come together to put a stop to this institutionalized discrimination and fight for the rights of our children", avowed Anne Swart, the Chair of the alliance.