Placebos Create Illusion, Make Way for Cheating: Expert

Placebos Create Illusion, Make Way for Cheating: Expert

An international expert has cautioned players by saying that placebos can form an illusion of increasing productivity. It can trick the players by making it appear as a performance-enhancing drug.

Professor Fabrizio Benedetti stated that placebos have a cheating potential of a great degree. Even the professor of neurophysiology at the University of Turin in Italy has said that placebos are very effective in doing the same.

According to experts, it is a simulated medical treatment with no physiological effect. Benedetti shared with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) in an annual scientific meeting that the studies have confirmed the same. Multitude of players uses placebos mistaking it as a performance-enhancing drug.

He said, "There is compelling evidence that if we eliminate the psychological therapeutic ritual, the overall effect of the drug is reduced". According to him, there is a two-pronged effect of the drug. One of them includes the physiological effect and the other psychological effect.

Benedetti explained that psychological effect is very powerful and is open to misuse and cheating. He illustrated the effect by saying that if a person is given morphine for seven days and is further replaced by placebos, individual fails to find the difference.