FDA to Investigate Da Vinci Robot

FDA to Investigate Da Vinci Robot

Hamilton's latest device, Da Vinci robot, was introduced just a little more than a year back for minimal access surgery. The device was called as cutting edge in laproscopy.

However, more than 100 surgeries have until now been performed with the same. But, the question now has arisen if the device is worth the cost.

As per the findings, the U. S. `Food and Drug Administration' has decided to conduct an investigation across the nation into the efficacy of the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Doctors nationwide who have used the device are being asked about the experience it gave.

Since, many people have complained that insufficient training was provided to doctors for using the same. Also, the design of the device was defective such that severe side effects have been realized by those who have undergone the surgeries. Surgical errors were also reported.

The report found that the device had been green signaled by the US FDA in the year 2000. More than 2,000 devices have been sold to hospitals by Intuitive Surgical, the da Vinci Robot manufacturer and marketer, ever since. Some 500,000 procedures have involved the device since then. Thus, the agency is concerned and is going ahead with the inquest.