People Encouraged to Click and Send Photographs of Latest Tides

People Encouraged to Click and Send Photographs of Latest Tides

People are helping to create a record of rising sea levels through an online project which is encouraging them to do so. The organisation named Green Cross Australia has urged the people living in coastal areas of South Australia to click photographs of latest bigger tides and submit it.

The organisers are of the view that though the tides are naturally-occurring and not because of the climate change but they are intentional of telling the Australian residents that how coastlines change with time. The program is named as `Witness King Tides' which have already collected photographs in thousands of number from the coastal areas including South Wales, Queensland and southern Tasmania.

The organisation is of the view that they are trying to help Australian residents understand that how tidal movement can affect shorelines as well as beaches and also increases risk of floods. And they are intentional to inform them all about this as they know that more than 85% population of Australia live within 50 kilometres of the coast and sharing photographs will make them understand its affects better.

Mara Bun, CEO of Green Cross Australia, said, "Witness King Tides will help us identify and understand the impacts of rising sea levels on our beaches, coastal areas and shoreline communities".