New Drug on the Shelf for Sexual Arousal in Women

New Drug on the Shelf for Sexual Arousal in Women

A Dutch company called Emotional Brain has claimed that preliminary clinical trials of new drug, Lybrido provides promising treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This is defined as a dearth of sexual desire among the people who may lacks sexual fantasies.

Earlier, launch of female Viagra had changed the panorama of sexual desires in 1998. It seems that a parallel can be anticipated in the market. If the pill is successful till the final trials, its launch is expected by 2016. There is good amount of controversy for the drug. This includes controversy about female sexual dysfunction.

Opposition against the disease includes the claims that £1.5 billion annual market for Viagra has encouraged the pharmaceutical industry to change the sexual desire for the women. This is further affected by factors such as new motherhood, stress, ageing or a failing relationship.

The previous drug, Viagra, aims at precise physiological problem, erectile dysfunction, by improving blood flow to the penis. Emotional Brain has said that its drug can cure the problem. The researchers have conducted experiments on animals for the results.

The researchers have recognized testosterone, which triggers dopamine, the "lust" chemical, and serotonin, which gives a sense of comfort. They explain that if there is any imbalance between the two there are chances of losing libido.