Ladies of Posh Areas Drink the Most

Ladies of Posh Areas Drink the Most

A new research suggested that the women who live around the wealthy and prosperous areas of Sutton and Esher are among those women who are drinking at the highest level.

As per a study that was carried out by the researchers of the CACI Acorn, the women who are belonging to the high society and wealthy areas are turning the most towards alcoholic drinks. The rate is higher enough in comparison to their counter parts.

The research also derives conclusions that such women are more likely to suffer from depression and mental illnesses. The average of women who drink above the routine limits of three units of alcohol a day was found to be 28.9%. However, the figure increased to 42 percent in the areas like Cheam.

However, the conditions got worst to up to 66 percent in the areas like Esher.

The director of the inspecting team at the CACI Acron suggested the Telegraph that the women in such an area have extravagant lifestyles without any sort of need to work. He suggested that such women are active in their social life to a major extent. It is that traditional group of ladies who lunch.

Other region that have higher rates than those concluded by the national average limits include Hampstead, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, Merchiston in Edinburgh and Canford Cliffs in Poole, they have 66% of higher rates. However, the rates were 42% in areas like Totteridge in London and Heswall in Wirral.