Scientists Allege Vannoni's Stem-Cell Therapy is Unproven

Scientists Allege Vannoni's Stem-Cell Therapy is Unproven

In an investigation by Nature, it emerged that Davide Vannoni's stem-cell therapy was based on images that duplicated from previous, unrelated papers. Vannoni is a psychologist, who wanted to get authorization for his special brand of stem-cell therapy last year.

He claimed his therapy was capable of curing fatal illnesses and gained large public support for the same. After intense pressure from patients Italian government agreed to conduct 3 million clinical trial of the therapy.

But scientists are opposing the therapy saying it was unproven and was based on flawed data. They also want the government to pull out of the clinical trial. Paolo Bianco, a stem-cell researcher at the University of Rome, said the trail was just wastage of money.

He alleged it gave false to home to a large number of families. Also, he averred that Vannoni's 2010 application to the US patent office was not good enough to be tested even. His therapy is based on extracting cells from patients' bone marrow, manipulating them in vitro and then injecting it back into same patient.

"In fact no-one has ever been able to convincingly show that bone-marrow cells can be converted into nerve cells", avowed Elena Cattaneo, a stem-cell Researcher who studies Huntington's disease at the University of Milan, Italy.