100,000 Children Vaccinated during MMR Catch-up Campaign

100,000 Children Vaccinated during MMR Catch-up Campaign

According to Public Health England, more than 100,000 schoolchildren have been vaccinated as part of an MMR catch-up campaign. The campaign was result of fears for high levels of measles after large outbreak in Wales and shocking figures in England.

The campaign targeted around one million children who did not receive both of their MMR jabs. There were 712 cases of measles till May last year, but this year up to May 2013 the figure has gone up to 1,168 cases.

Measles is a highly communicable disease, and causes high fever and a rash. Severe complications are less likely, but one in 15 develops those. Pneumonia and inflammation of the brain are the serious complications caused by measles.

Complete protection can be ensured through two doses of the MMR jab. Moreover, the jab also provides protection against mumps and rubella.

Children aged between 10 and 16 have the highest possibility of missing the jabs because of now completely discredited belief that MMR jabs cause autism. This led to dwindling rates of vaccination.

Dr. Mary Ramsay, head of immunization at Public Health England said, "There still remains a large number of 10-16 year olds, together with many younger children and adults who are under-vaccinated".