Health of Great Barrier Reef Goes Down

Health of Great Barrier Reef Goes Down

It has now been officially announced that the Great Barrier Reef's health has downgraded, turning poor from moderate.

The report found that the reef has lost almost half of its coral in the last generation. The reason behind the same is probably the chemical runoff from farms and cyclones on the coast alongside the reef.

On Wednesday, it was admitted by Australia that the conditions were poor; the reef had to fracas UNESCO threats. UNESCO had said that the heritage status of the reef would be downgraded since it was facing concerns of development as well as pollution.

The Queensland and federal governments released the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan the previous day. The same said that runoff control was improved by farmers in the last 10 years.

But, a report card was presented by Environment Minister Mark Butler, which showed that the health of the reef had gone down since 2009 despite the same. He said that the overall condition had been notably impacted by extreme weather events.

"To secure the Great Barrier Reef's resilience it is critical to build on the momentum of the previous reef plan with a focus on improving water quality and land management practices", in the view of Butler.