Female Bonobos’s Attractiveness Makes Win Easy

Female Bonobos’s Attractiveness Makes Win Easy

A peculiar thing about bonobos has been unveiled through a study. It has been unveiled that female bonobos have social dominance in comparison to males.

It is considered that attractive female bonobos are able to win fights from males. It was a bit surprising to know as generally, males are stronger than females and they like to exhibit the same.

In order to know the chemistry between male and female bonobos, a research was carried out by a group of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig.

After assessing the bonobos, they got to know that it's not about high social status of females. But it is the attractiveness that accomplishes the task for females. It has been said that if females start exhibiting their sexually attractive features like sexual swellings then they have more chance to easily win a conflict from men.

A number of studies have been done revealing about the dominance of female bonobos. But none of them was able to know the reason. Dr. Martin Surbeck, first author of the study, said that attractiveness is the only weapon that females have and they exhibit it to win a conflict from male bonobos.