New Smartphone App to Detect Food Allergies

New Smartphone App to Detect Food Allergies

A new smart phone application will enable the users to conduct on the spot tests for any food allergies that they might have. A cradle device and an application have been developed by the scientists for a cell phone to make it a device that can flawlessly carry out complex tests that are otherwise possible in a science lab.

The device has series of lenses and filters that are found only in larger and expensive labs. The technology will enable the users find out any traces of peanuts that may be present in a cookie.

Moreover, when the cradle and the application are used together, a smartphone transcends into a tool that can detect environmental toxins and bacteria, along with spot water contamination and identify allergens in food.

Kenny Long is a graduate researcher at the university. He said that team devised a way to modify the cell phone camera that made the smartphone even smarter.

A tiny 3D printed lithium-ion battery was developed as a result of joint development effort by Harvard University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and visiting South Korean researchers. The battery is expected to be used as power resource for micromedical devices one day.