Measure of consciousness offered by brain-shaking technique

Measure of consciousness offered by brain-shaking technique

Brain's complexity helps determine if you are conscious or not and a new study seems to be backing the above conclusion.

Based on this concept, a test has been developed by scientists of consciousness and this test does not need a patient to do anything.

Consciousness is something that disappears with deep sleep and comes back when a person is awake.

In the last decade, it was shown by research that there can be some awareness in the brain even if it is disconnected from the outside world totally. For example, patients who emerge from coma cannot move or respond to instructions.

In the study, Marcello Massmini of the University of Milan in Italy and colleagues devised a technique to measure this brain complexity, or how much integration and information flow is happening in the brain.

This process has been termed as the Perturbational Complex-ity Index or PCI. Using strong magnetic stimulation, the brain is shaken up mildly and response of neurons is recorded. This data can then be used to calculate how much information the brain is able to produce as a whole.