Nintendo announces new portable gaming console – the 2DS

Nintendo-3DS-XLOn Wednesday, Nintendo announced a new portable gaming console, which the Japan-based company has dubbed as the 2DS. The new portable is quite similar to Nintendo's 3DS XL, though it lacks the 3D viewing capability and can probably not close like a clamshell.

The unveiling of the 2DS portable console by Nintendo has come in coincidence with the company's another significant announcement made on Wednesday --- that of a reduction in the cost of the Wii U console in the US to $299.99, with effect from September 20.

The 2DS portable will be launched by Nintendo on October 12; and will be priced at $130. The suggested retail price of the forthcoming console indicates that the console will be priced at nearly $40 less than the cost of the 3DS.

According to Nintendo, the move to keep the pricing of the 2DS lower than that of the 3DS will help the company attract gamers who otherwise may not be too keen on spending money on mobile devices. However, two factors which may stand in the way of 2DS becoming a hit with customers are: it is a big and bulky system; and it is comparatively less mobile-friendly than the clamshell-designed consoles.

Despite the fact that the 2DS' ability to attract customers still remains to be seen, Nintendo has revealed that the new portable will be available in two color options: blue and red.