Wine is an Art as well as Science

Wine is an Art as well as Science

A wine's aroma is a matter that has been wrapped under covers of mystery. In order to throw light on the process that provides aroma to wine, a research was carried out.

Francisco Carrau, Uruguayan chemistry professor and scientist Massimo Delledonne of Italy were the one who carried out the study. They have sequenced the genome of the Tannat grape, highly-valued grapes.

These grapes are also credited as the one from which the healthiest quality of red wines are fermented. Mr. Carrau was of the view that wines made from the Tannat grape are said to be the healthiest as they are comprised of procyanidins.

Procyanidins is said to be great for bringing a decline in blood pressure, reducing cholesterol level and also for increasing healthy blood clotting. Mr. Carrau affirmed that there is no second thought about the fact that winemaking is an art.

But it can also not be denied that now it is also a science. "If we can determine through biotechnology the factors that determine a wine's aroma and colour, we can potentially apply that information to create more pleasing and valuable products", said Mr. Carrau. Moreover, the information can also prove beneficial about where to plant new vines.