NHTSA investigating Ford Focus Electric over stalling issue

NHTSA investigating Ford Focus Electric over stalling issue

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed on Tuesday that the electric version of the Ford Focus is being probed by the agency, over issues pertaining to the stalling of the vehicles without warning.

The investigation initiated by the NHTSA is based on 12 complaints which have been lodged with the agency by the drivers of the Ford Focus electric from model years 2012 and 2013.

The NHTSA has disclosed that all the reported incidents involving the 2012 and 2103 Focus Electric models have occurred within the last five months. Despite the fact that there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries related to stalling issue, six of the drivers who have complained about the problem have said that their vehicles had shut down when they were driving 30 miles per hour or more.

With only around 1,900 of the $40,000-priced Focus Electric cars having been sold since the vehicle's 2011 launch, Ford Motor's spokeswoman Kelli Felker said in a recent statement that the automaker is working with NHTSA on the probe into the vehicle's stalling issue.

Meanwhile, though the NHTSA is still to reach a decision about the measures that Ford needs to put in place in connection with the alleged stalling problem in its Focus electric cars, it is pertinent to note that most NHTSA investigations generally lead to vehicle recalls.