Researchers Close to Developing MERS Vaccine: Report

Researchers Close to Developing MERS Vaccine: Report

A second announcement in recent past has now hinted progress in the development of a preventive shot to eliminate the novel coronavirus.

However, five to 10 years might be consumed by the creation of such a vaccine. Also, it would take time for the vaccine to get approval of drug regulatory agencies as well as increase production to a level wherein there is wide availability of a commercial product.

But, a MERS virus has, reportedly, been engineered by a group of boffins in Italy. The same is being claimed to have the potential to be used in a promising vaccine.

As per the findings, the new developments would probably form impressions that the global spread of MERS could be treatable down the road.

Perhaps, any company would not be ready to take financial risk at the moment to promote a MERS vaccine project. But, according to Dr. Peter Hotez, from Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, Tex, the technical ability to create experimental vaccines had definitely surpassed the social and economic infrastructure to find how to do the same.

"There's a long way to go from showing in a research laboratory that you've got a potential candidate vaccine to actually producing a bottle of that vaccine that would be used", avowed the national school of tropical medicine's dean, Dr. Hotez.