Most Daunting Salvage Operation Begins


One of the biggest and most scary rescue operations till now has been initiated with an effort to drag the shipwrecked Costa Concordia upright.

This operation was postponed for nearly 3 hours due to an overnight storm. The operation began at 09:00 local time.

Engineers have never made the efforts to bring such a giant ship close to land. When this ship hit against the rocks, 32 people died.

Two bodies have been found till now. The bodies are of a passenger and a crew member. Many bodies are likely to be found during this operation. The sea and climatic conditions are in the favor of this operation.

The storm that occurred at night on Sunday postponed the setting up of a barge. The barge consists of a control room near to the shipwreck. The work will be carried out by the engineers with the help of pulleys and counterweights from the control room.

Sergio Girotto informed the reporters that everything is well planned and they are working according to the plan.

This incident took place in January 2012 at the Tuscan island of Giglio. Since then, the ship has been lying on its side.

Huge metal chains and cables are being attached to the ship by the rescue team. These weigh more than 114,000 tonnes.

Approximately, 10-12 hours will be taken to complete the whole operation.