FAA’s Advisory Panel Votes to Allow Usage of iPad

FAA’s Advisory Panel Votes to Allow Usage of iPad

As per an advisory committee to the Federal Aviation Administration, it has been said that people can use iPad or Kindle in a Wi-Fi equipped planes when they are under 10,000 feet.

Currently, such facility has not been provided to passengers. But if the US aviation authorities pay attention to the committee then passengers will be able to read e-books, send e-mails and go through different websites.

It shall however, be noted that no relaxation has been provided when it comes to mobile phone calls and text message. They will remain banned as it is said that their signals interfere with ground networks.

If the recommendation is approved by the US aviation industry then Gogo Inc. (GOGO), based on Illinois, is going to be benefitted largely. It has been said so its inflight Wi-Fi service market in Northern America is 82%, which is a massive share.

If the rules get changed then Gogo would be able to generate bigger revenue. It has been because Gogo earns revenue from connection and usage charges.

Voting took place in which members of the FAA have voted in favor of the change. It is said that the recommendation will be sent to the FAA and then it will be revealed that whether the change will take place or not.