Ford demonstrates new ‘Obstacle Avoidance’ and ‘Fully Assisted Parking Aid’ technologies

Ford demonstrates new ‘Obstacle Avoidance’ and ‘Fully Assisted Parking Aid’ tech

Ford recently demonstrated two new driving- and parking-related technologies - `Obstacle Avoidance' and `Fully Assisted Parking Aid' which can avoid slow-moving or stationary objects, and take over control of a car for parking, respectively.

Demonstrating Obstacle Avoidance on a Ford Focus equipped with the technology, Ford revealed that the technology makes use of three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera for scanning the road up to 200 meters ahead.

Upon detecting stationary or slow-moving objects, like pedestrians, the Obstacle Avoidance system first displays a warning and then sounds a chime to alert the driver to the stationary or slow-moving objects ahead. Ford revealed that it has tested the Obstacle Avoidance prototype at speeds of nearly 38 mph.

Meanwhile, the other new technology - Fully Assisted Parking Aid -, which Ford demonstrated on its S-MAX Concept car, essentially enables the driver to park the car from inside or outside the vehicle, by remote control. For getting the car to park itself, the driver has to merely press a button, and keep it unreleased throughout the parking process.

Noting that the Fully Assisted Parking Aid is capable of finding a suitable parallel parking space using ultrasonic sensors, Barb Samardzich - a Ford of Europe VP - said, in connection with the new parking technology: "Parking in today's cities can be stressful and difficult. We want to make it as easy, efficient and accurate as possible."